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Connecting to Ixion Cloud - Connection Details & System Requirements

Lee Terrell
posted this on April 27, 2011 14:14

The Ixion Cloud is accessed from


You will need to login with your username (i.e. IXIONCLOUD\Joe.Bloggs) and password.
If you are at a PC that is your own you can check the box to indicate it is a private computer.  This will then cause the username to be remembered by the browser.


You should know you cloud password, for password problems please raise a request on this support site. 


In order to successfully connect your computer will require some specific windows components. This is to ensure the experience is as smooth as possible. 


  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 - ensures that printers are available from the cloud session. [Download Here]  
  • Root Certificates – Prevents Security Certificate warning pages from appearing. [Download Here] 
  • KB969084 – Windows update - Remote Desktop Protocol  7 to improve Connection and display on Windows XP/Vista ONLY.
    [Windows XP Download | Windows Vista Download


These updates are also obtained from Microsoft Windows update so potentially you may find that they are already present if your machine regularly downloads and installs updates.


Please note that the RDP 7 Client update requires an XP machine to be on Service Pack 3. Internet Explorer 8 is the prefered browser, both of which can be obtained from .

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